D.O.B. 06/05/2008

Height: 67 cm (about 26.5'')

Weight: 38 kg (about 83.5')

Scissor bite, one P3 missing

Finnish Mental Test - 162 points, Russian Temperament test - 1st grade, gun shot proof,

general training test - 1st grade, blood tracking test - 3rd grade

Color genetics - awawDDEE

Hips: HD-A/A

Elbows: ED-0/0

DM - N/A

Thyroid: Normal

Cardiology: Normal

It was incredible surprise for the whole our family that in September 2008 a highly desirable, fabulously sweet and unbelievably loving little wheaten girl came to live with us. We call her Wanda-Band! And she was born in US at Shabani RRs. For three years I have been communicating to Bonnie (Shabani Kennels) via e-mail. No, I didn´t ask for a puppy from her although I always love the RR style of some American blood lines - elegance, excellent angulation, wonderful movement and beautiful temperament. One more - USA is a country where responsible breeders do a lot of health testings for their breeding stock - hips, elbows, thyroid, eyes, cardiac and hearing. And some breeders test shoulders and patellas. Thus I didn´t even have any hope that I managed to get a ridgeback from a country where responsible breeders DO conclude puppy contracts where literally every point is provided. For example Wanda´s Contract has the following point - this dog will not be bred until she has completed her Russian championship and passed all health certifications specified in the Code of Ethics of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US!!!
So we contacted to Bonnie time to time and I knew a lot of useful information. I got some DVDs from US RR Club Shows and was looking at American bred ridgebacks (e.g. there were more than 500!!! competitors at the RR Specialty Show 2007) and, I must say, my wish in getting an american bred  RR became more deeply and deeply... And when Shabani put the pending litter info on her web site I grew bold and asked her for a puppy. And Bonnie gave me her ´OK´. But she said that I should come and pick up a puppy because she didn´t want to ship her baby by cargo. I had to contact the stud owner and some Pet Transport Companies and asking, asking, asking and finally ... I have my charming Wanda living here and pleasing all us with her loving personality!
Bonnie was too scared that Wanda´s long journey - from US to UK and then from UK to Russia -  could hurt her lovely pup personality but as soon as I opened a crate door Wanda jumped to my hands and she was very happy and not scared at all! She was licking my and my friend Inga´s faces (Inga was so kind accompany me to the airport) and then she fell upon her food - she was SOOO hungry - and after all she started wagging her tail to every cargo worker who came to us adoring Wanda´s loving nature! What a happy girl! I have to say that the cargo people were so kind to us and allowed me to take Wanda from her crate as soon as she had arrived to the cargo. But the cargo rules prohibit that... because firstly you should go through the necessary paper procedures before taking a pet from the cargo. And if they would not have allowed taking Wanda so she would have had to spend 5 and a half hours in her crate - it took just so much time in customs paper routine....   

Here is our Wanda in her first moments on the Russian ground!

How sweet was Wanda sleeping when I was engaged in the paper routine!

Wanda is a balanced girl with impressive rounded eyes, perfect  angulations and lovely movements. She has lots of potential for becoming to a beautiful ridgeback like her mother and possessing high willingness to work like her father.

Wanda´s Mom  (pedigree)
Wanda´s Dad  (pedigree)

Wanda´s Pedigree

Am. Ch Symetri´s Flying Colors, RN CDX Am.Ch MH He´s Just My Style Am.Ch Daraja´s Country Music Man, JC Am.Ch Brondiki California Vice
Daraja´s Opening Ceremony
MH Daraja´s Sweet Destiny Am.Ch Daraja´s Tamboura of MH
Am.Ch Daraja Mshindaji Lotta Moxie
Am.Ch Symetri Daraja Hid´n Treasure, JC Am.Ch Symetri´s Tall Dark Srtanger Am.Ch Mshindaji´s Sat Nite Special
Am.Ch Mshindaji´s Naughty Lady, JC
Am.Ch Daraja´s She´s Like the Wind Am.Ch Mshindaji´s KC Gloryseeker
Am.Ch Mshindaji´s in Hot Pursuit, JC
Am.Ch Shabani´s Shot O´Brandi Am.Ch Assegai Zappa of Shabani Am.Ch Shabani on a Mission, SC Am.Ch Mshindaji´s Spetial Interest
Am.Ch Mshindaji´s Penzi, SC
Am.Ch Kwetu Kimani Style Am.Ch Kimani Sharper Image
Am.Ch Kwetu Go and Go
Am.Ch Shabani´s Kali´s Creed, JC Am.Ch Shabani´s Greenboy a.k.a. Kobe Am.Ch Rocky Ridge Juma of Indaba
Am.Ch Pheron Tambuti Cristeen Tera
Am.Ch Symetri´s Rubi of Shabani, JC Am.Ch Shabani on a Mission
Am.Ch Symetri Daraja Hid´n Treasure, JC