Shots of the puppies, 37 days old! Click HERE>>>

Shots of the puppies, 23 days old! Click HERE>>>

Shots of the puppies, 45 days old! Click HERE>>>

On the May, 26 our beautiful girl Wanda (Shabani's Shot O'Color) gave us a bunch of lovely puppies - 2 girls and 5 boys!  The babies and their mom feel great!!

The sire of this litter is Brody aka Quest's DownThe Stretch, a handsome boy in the middle of the standard (26.5" and about 92'), elegant but strong, with great angulations, stable temperament and perfect health. He is 10 now but he looks great and some months ago he had 10 healthy puppies. He is HD-good, ED-normal, thyroid - normal, DM-clear, correct scissor bite, complete set of teeth.

 The dam is our beautiful Wanda (Shabani’s Shot O’Color). She is a very elegant girl with perfect angulations, great temperament and strong health. This is her first litter and she was insemenated with  frozen semen. She is HD-A/A, ED-0/0, thyroid - normal, cadiac - normal, DM-NA, correct scissor bite, one P3 missing.


 The dam - Wanda (Pedigree HERE>>>)

The sire - Brody (Pedigree HERE>>>)

 Wanda, 1 year old
 Brody, 10 years old

 Wanda, 2.5 years old
 Brody, 10 years old