Height: 63 cms  (about 24.8") 
Weight: 36 kgs (about 80 pounds)
Bite: full dention, scissor bite
Hips: coming soon
Elbows: coming soon
Thyroid: coming soon

Roo is a very sweet, very loving girl while is a bit shy, cute anf foxy. Roo, Roosha, Roonya, Kangarooshka, Rooletka - this is a very incomplete list of her pet names. Yes, she resembles Australian Kangaroo very much indeed and doesn´t resemble russian bred Ridgebacks at all. It is a true pleasure to watch how she is moving - she is trotting like The Lion, galloping like The Cheetah. She is very gutta-percha and stylish, sound but very elegant. There are many compatible features in Roo that are formed in the perfect combination.  She is stunning! When I was looking for our future Ridgeback girl first of all I paid very strong attention to the proper conformation of the true Rhodesian Ridgeback. So I drew aside all cosmetic features like "stylish" red coat color or  white marks. I believe that we should pay much more attention to the functional  traits than be concentrated  on cosmetic ones. I love that my new girl has the proper angulation front and rear, the long well-developed chest with well sprung ribs, the long croup and fair long crested neck. There are the best australian blood lines and 6 Grand Champions in Roo´s Pedigree (for obtaining of the Grand Ch Title a dog should win 1000 points and the highest pointing that a dog is able to get on one show is only 25). We hope very much that our Roonyasha is growing to be a very lovely and intelligent Ridgeback - The True Rhodesian Ridgeback, The True representative of this non-ordinary but wonderful Breed.

Aust.Ch Ketchwayo Majumdar (red wheaten) Aust. Grand Ch Usakose Gizmos Design E.T. (red wheaten) Aust.Ch Usakose Too Hot to Tango (red wheaten) Am.Ch Mbadas Mhondoro of Iskandar BISS Am.Ch Rob Norms Shara´s G Dagga
Am.Ch Ozymandia El Iskandariya
Aust.Ch Chilolo Calico Coolcat Am./Aust.Ch Calico Ridge Commander Cody
Aust.Ch Chilolo Charm
Aust.Ch Usakose Ultimate Edition (red wheaten) Aust.Ch Etosha Nikazi Asayala M´Tofo of Chimu (imp.UK)
Aust.Ch Sebakwe Salima C.D.
Usakose Patent Pending Vishala Mitondo
Aust.Ch Sixemm Sweet Thing
Aust.Ch Rothridge Red Panther RuBISS Aust.Ch Lionveldt Akobi Delage (red wheaten) Jedazar Jenga (brown nose) Aust.Ch Ridgesetter Show Time
Aust.Ch Kargnieulan Lady Titian
Aust.Ch Kargnieulan Safari Girl Aust.Ch Ridgesetter Touch of Gold
Kargnieulan Shilo
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Aust.Ch Usakose Ultimate Edition
Aust.Ch Wendani Feketisa Amashutu Adlar
Bosjesman Mumhinzwa
Deserthunter Chinook (wheaten) Aust. Grand Ch Caprivi Cool Hand Luke (red wheaten) BISS/BIS Aust.Ch Caprivi Inside Edge C.D.X. E.T. A.D.M. J.D.X. (red wheaten) Groberspals Yuletide BISS Aust.Ch Marsabit M´Fumo
RuBISS Aust.Ch Groberspals Kakadoo
Macumazah Fatal Beauty C.D. E.T. KAI-Ridges Sundance Kid (imp.US)
Aust.Ch Groberspals Nyssa
Aust.Ch Groberspals Cupid (red wheaten) BISS Aust.Ch Marsabit M´Fumo Aust.Ch Marsabit Madahiro
Ulundi Ushaba (imp.SAf)
Aust.Ch Groberspals Kakadoo KAI-Ridges Sundance Kid (imp.US)
Aust.Ch Groberspals Illusion
Chilolo Mackenzie Blue (wheaten) Sagwazi Chokolate Monty (wheaten) Aust.Ch Kargnieulan Lord Tzar Aust.Ch Vishala Impi (brown nose)
Aust.Ch Vishala Njabulo
Marsabit Mgeni Aust.Ch Marsabit Madahiro
be Ulundi Ushaba (imp.SAf)
Aust.Ch Chilolo Go For Gold (wheaten) BISS/BIS Aust. Grand Ch Kargnieulan I´m too Win Aust.Ch Ridgesetter Touch of Gold
Kargnieulan Shilo
Aust.Ch Chilolo Look Me Over RuBISS Aust.Ch Etosha Nikazi
Aust.Ch Plumridge El Penthea