Our Beausoul kennel is situated in Ramenskoe town (Moscow area) where our two Rhodesian Ridgeback girls - Wanda and her daughter Beau and also our Weimaraner boy Astor and our charming doll - little Cirneco dell'Etna named Lani live with us, in our house. We do not have a 'kennel' of dogs and our dogs live in the our house and even sleep in our bed. They are, first and foremost, members of or family, loved and spoiled by us!

After 15+ years living with my first pet, an Airedale Terrier girl, I found myself looking for a bit another breed that was short haired and easy groomed and enough big in size but also being active, non-aggressive, intelligent and self-confidence. My research led me to the Rhodesian Ridgeback - a breed that fits me in every point!

We got our first Rhodesian Ridgeback girl from Kimoyo Kennel (Russia) in 2002. Her name is  Patrizia  (pet name is Party). The second girl came to us from Australia (Deserthunter RRs) in 2007 and her name is Deserthunter Australis aka Roo. The third girl, Wanda (Shabani's Shot O'Color), joined our family in 2008 and she was bred in US (Shabani RRs) and she confirms all of our expectations.

Dog breeding for us is not the 'business'. So we do not have a lot of litters and we do not offer a lot of puppies of different ages and for everybody. In fact, we have only bred two litters since obtaining our first bitch. For us, breeding litter is a tremendous responsibility, requiring an enormous mount of time, finances and energy.  But that is not only point! It's very important to provide a life-time support for all of puppy owners.

We pay great, paramount attention to health and temperament of dogs planning for our future litter.  Dogs that we are planning to use in our breeding program will be tested for hip, elbow and shoulder dysplasia.  And we also are going to perform the additional health testing:  Degenerative Myelopathy, cardiac and thyroid. We also believe that any dog that has any sight of allergy or dermatit should not be used in breeding.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information and knowledge about our dogs!

Nana Andreeva